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Personal/Private Trips & Service


Whether you’re looking forward to some alone time in a hammock next to the shore, or planning a luxurious trip for a small group of friends, we can set up your personal/private trips and services. Private trips are ideal for solo travelers, couples, small groups, and families. They offer a more personal experience and atmosphere. Even those traveling on business come to us for private services so we can set up fun things for them to do while they have some downtime.


You may be considering a private trip for a number of reasons. Some people use the trip to reconnect with those they care about, some like to take private wellness trips, and others simply want time to themselves. No matter the reason, we can certainly bring your vision to life.


Family Trips


Family trips are great for bringing your loved ones together. We can help you plan a trip that will surely be remembered by every member of your family. Once you give us an idea of what you desire out of a trip for you and your family, we will get to planning immediately.  We plan family trips that focus on food, excitement, amusement, history, and more. To discover a whole new world together with your family is an experience that everyone will benefit from.


Group Trips


Let’s be honest, group trips are bound to be a blast and they can entail nearly anything you have in mind. Take everyone wine tasting, white water rafting, camping, or on a food-focused trip to try authentic cuisines from another country. The options are endless but that’s why we’re here.

Cruises (Premium & Luxury)


There is no better way to see new places, relax and yet still find entertainment whenever it’s desired. Explore new boutiques, try award-winning restaurants, get absorbed in an exciting nightlife on and off the ship, and even set up private spa days. We can help you plan your premium or luxury cruise no matter what it is you yearn for.


Joint Ventures


Joint ventures are more or less a business trip of some kind. When you have a great new idea that you would like to expand and present to other businesses, we will help you plan your trip. Not all business trips need to bore you. There are plenty of exciting things you can plan during your downtime for you and your business partners and it doesn’t matter where it is you’re traveling to.


Honeymoons (European Romance)


Everyone in love, engaged and currently planning their wedding will surely want relief from all the chaos of planning once the vows have been exchanged. Nearly every little girl dreams of her wedding day and the honeymoon that comes after, so make it truly special by planning ahead. We specialize in all types of honeymoons but especially our favorite—European Romance. Envision this—you and your spouse will be dining by candlelight, viewing art and architecture from the Renaissance era, and taking mandala rides under the moon.

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