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My husband and I founded European Flavors Travel as a result of wanting to share our knowledge and passion for travel with those who love travelling as much as we do. With my excitement of planning stellar trips coupled with my husband’s mind for business, we started this magnificent travel agency together in 2007.


I would dream and read of traveling to far off places, even as a young child, and felt that it was my destiny.  As I grew my love of history made travelling so interesting and later when I met my husband we learned that he enjoyed architecture, so both of those elements made for great experiences on any trips we attended.  I eventually decided it was time to follow my heart to become hands-on with planning various trips for others by starting my own company, but it took more convincing for my husband.


It wasn’t until I received an e-zine (or email newsletter) from Meredith at the Gifted Travel Network (GIFTE) inviting me to an upcoming conference.  I asked my husband to come along and it was during that conference we both decided to really dive in as owners to develop a stellar travel agency...and thus the rebirth of European Flavors Travel.


Traveling is all about creating memories and wonderful experiences whether it’s by yourself or in the company of others. Delving into other cultures and visiting lands you have never known before will certainly bring forth new knowledge and memories that will follow you for a lifetime. These opportunities aren’t only great for connecting with your friends and loved ones that come along with you, but for meeting new friends wherever you go. The experience you take from your trip is one that will surely bring your dreams to surface, or at least that’s what we aspire to bring forth to you - one memorable exciting trip that far exceeds your expectations.  We look forward to serving your vacation needs!

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