With the difference in the currency that flows through the world’s 196 countries, how are you to ever understand their tipping practices? Certainly, the last thing you want to do especially in another nation is under tip your waitress or concierge. Tipping a cab driver if he/or she takes your luggage from the car for you or tells you interesting facts about the city while taking you from the airport or other places in the city is recommended as well.


So, what’s appropriate and how do you know? Here are some tips on tips so you know how to pay gratuity respectively on your next vacation in any of these popular countries…



  • The heightened tourism in Peru has encouraged tipping around 15-20%. Peru’s economy isn’t necessarily the greatest so leaving a few Soles on the table for your waitress will surely help them out.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • In Amsterdam, Netherlands the law demands that all restaurants include the tipping fee in their menu prices. Taxi drivers in the country also add it all into one bill. Although it isn’t customary, it never hurts to leave a little change behind.



  • It isn’t tradition to pay gratuity in Indonesia but with an increase in tourism, some restaurants have begun charging a service fee of 10%. If you take the taxi, the fare is rounded up and if you call for a porter, tip at least 1 Indonesian Rupiah per bag.


St. Petersburg, Russia

  • The nation hasn’t any laws on paying gratuity fees, however, tips never go unappreciated. With modernization, tips have become slightly more anticipated. Most individuals leave around 10-15% in cash since tips can’t be added to credit card payments.


Budapest, Hungary

  • For restaurant service, it is common to leave a 10-15% tip, although some of the more popular restaurants will add the gratuity fee to the bill so always pay attention to the charges. For gas station services and public restroom aides, tip at least 100-200 Forint.


Istanbul, Turkey

  • Around Istanbul, you will find that only well-established restaurants expect tips. All tips must be made in cash and even though they aren’t demanded, they are highly valued by the residents trying to make a living in the country.


Lisbon, Portugal

  • After grabbing that hot cup of coffee as you wander through Lisbon, leave a 5% tip to the barista. For waiters and waitresses at a restaurant, leave at least 10%. Cab drivers don’t expect tips but it doesn’t hurt to round up the bill.


London, United Kingdom

  • In most cases, the gratuity appears added to the bill so always check it. Otherwise, leave 10-15%. If you’re looking to get a stiff drink or would like to spend less on food, tips aren’t required at the pubs around town.


Barcelona, Spain

  • There’s no reason to tip at a restaurant in Spain since it is already added to the bill. However, most tourists and residents leave their change behind. Bars don’t expect tips whatsoever.


Rome, Italy

  • Although tips aren’t mandatory, you may spot the word "coperto," which means cover charge on your bill. This charge is more common in high tourist areas so make sure you take a look. Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to hand over a few Euros to the server or driver.


Paris, France

  • “Service compris” means that the service is included in France but most still leave a tip behind even if they spot the word on their bill.


We are presenting specific destinations here but, as a rule of thumb for your housekeeping staff, you should tip them $1-3 per day.  Leave the tip in an envelope on the pillow daily as housekeepers may be on different shifts and you don't want one person who may have cleaned your room one day to collect for all. Housekeeping staff are not obligated to share with each other.   A daily tip will ensure the service you received is acknowledged on that day. 


Now that you have some knowledge of how to tip properly in some of the more popular tourist destinations, start planning that dream vacation. However, if you’re still in need of a little advice or plan on visiting somewhere not listed and would like to learn more about their gratuity fees and expectations, feel free to send us an email with any inquiries!






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